Mosda Period Series Automatic Table Lighter, 1950

This small wick table lighter was made in 1950 in Birmingham (47-48 Frederick St.), England by Mosda. Mosda was a middle company (approx. 125 employees) founded by Moss Davis in 1948. It went into liquidation in the 1969. The company produced lighters, office items such as: stapling machines, hole punchers, propelling pencils and pencil sharpeners. Both the lighters and the office equipment were sold through various wholesalers and tobacconists throughout the UK and were exported throughout the world.

Both the base of the lighter and the removable lighter insert were made of brass and then silver electroplated. There are at least three different models of the Period Series known (different decoration, e.g. Georgian with embossed pattern).

Marked on the bottom of the base:

Mosda Period Series
Table Lighter
Made in England

Type: wick (petrol) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for very good–mint condition: $60.00–90.00 (approx €45.00–65.00)

Weight: 154 grams (0.34 pounds)

  • height: 6.5 cm (2.6")
  • diameter: 6.0 cm (2.4")
Many thanks to Lawrence Mosda for the info on the company!


Zippo said...

I love vintage anything! what a great piece...

lol said...

Actually, my name is Laurence Davis and my grandfather was Mo Davis, who originally produced lighters and other products with Louis Heaps. He then went on to found Mosda.

margaret said...

I have one and had it many years I bought it from a shop and put a deposit on it until I could buy it !!!!it is as good as new as I was not a smoker though it has been lit a few times .....I am now 77 years old so now it is a collectors piece....Margaret

Anonymous said...

i have a MosDa "clipless paper fasrever" on my desk and is used daily .i bought it from a charity shop some 15 years ago and never realised how old it was, what a cleaver bit of kit.

Anonymous said...

Ive just bought one as a Christmas gift for someone, it works fine, we can still buy the lighter fuel,wicks and flints very easily.

Anonymous said...

I need instructions or diagram on mosda slimline 500 as I have two a patrol and a gas that are in bits that I want to reconstruct to usable lighters can anyone help

Anonymous said...

Hi have 1 mosda period series 5 Automatic hahle lighter if any intrested please ring this number 07547305338 please

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