Westinghouse "Escort" Radio Clock Lighter, 1962

The "Escort" (model no. RS21P08) was made by Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh, Pa and was first sold in 1962 for a $30 which now adjusted by the inflation rate would be more than $220. This "Swiss army knife of radios" is relatively small and light for its functionality from these days. The case is made of modern plastic and the speaker grill of metal.

Marketed as the great personal gift for all occasions. It is unusual as it is a portable combination of a:
  • solid state 8 transistor AM radio,
  • Swiss made watch,
  • dependable flashlight,
  • handy cigarette lighter,
  • built-in rechargeable for AA batteries.
Westinghouse Electric was an American manufacturing company. It was founded in 1886 as Westinghouse Electric Company and later renamed Westinghouse Electric Corporation by George Westinghouse. The company purchased CBS in 1995 and became CBS Corporation in 1997. George Westinghouse had previously founded the Westinghouse Air Brake Company. The company pioneered long-distance power transmission and high-voltage transmission. 

Type: electric lighter

Scarcity: rare

Value for very good–mint condition: $60.00–90.00 (approx €45.00–70.00)

Weight: 400 grams (0,88 lb)

  • height: 8.2 cm (3.2")
  • width: 11 cm (4.3")
  • depth: 3.2 cm (1.3")


Vinknee said...

I just purchase this radio and everything works!
If you wish to get in touch with me vinknee@gmail.com

Bill Bennett said...

I bought the one with just the cigarette lighter only. It's a strong AM performer with great sensitivity and selectivity. It also has the "built-in" battery charger with the flip-out plugin receptable.

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