Ad: Ward Nimrod Pipeliter, Pipe Lighter, 1947

The Nimrod Pipeliter manufactured since 1946 was a specially designed lighter for pipe smokers. It was made by Ward-Nimrod Company located in Ohio, USA. It was very robust and quite cheap.

Below three small magazine advertisements featuring the Nimrod Pipeliter. All ads were published in 1947 in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.

Popular Mechanics, October 1947

Popular Science, December 1947

Popular Science, May 1947


Anonymous said...

Did you just copy every digital image you could find on the internet? All of your ads are common and can be had for next to nothing. How about a 1936 IMCO catalog? And, yes I have an original. How about a 1913 Adolph Kellermann flyer? Yep, I have an original. Or, how about a 1909 Imperator ad cut? Yes, got that too.
Why not shut the computer off and go out in the real world and actually do some research? You would be amazed how easy it is and even more amazed at what you can find.
Please, don't just be another lighter site that copies ads from ebay, matches patents to lighters (Wow, just like Sesame Street), and creates useless lists.

table lighters said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the blog. It would great if you could just send to me your scanned treasures. Would be nice to share them on here especially as you tend to have real collector gems. Let me know! One more thing, it is a blog not a thorough study of the history of lighters. This will come later! :)

Anonymous said...

" It would great if you could just send to me your scanned treasures."
I am asked this question constantly by lighter collectors. I go out searching, find these items, pay extraordinary prices, catalog, and archive them. Hmmm, just like when you find lighters in the real world. Would you share those lighters with others? I have paid through the nose for some of my paper finds and have spent endless hours searching through university libraries for the others.
I used to copy items for other collectors. Then they would make copies despite my pleas for them not to do it. Every copy I made just cheapened the original a little more. Sorry, but no, I will not cheapen my collection anymore. Would you send me your Dunhill Dorothy Rose basket? just for a week so I can get to know it in person? Absolutely not! Therefore you can see my reasoning where lighter literature is cocerned.
I like the look and feel of your site. I was just disappointed to see a lot of the same old stuff that was captured off another site. The ads you display on your site are watermarked by you. Why? Do you hold the copyright? Or do you want to prevent others from doing the same thing you are doing?
Overall, you have a nice clean site for beginning collectors and bloggers.

table lighters said...

What are you doing with your knowledge? How are you going to pass it on? Don't you think that by sharing it with others you get more in return?

I have spend a lot of time researching in the field of lighters and what you see is a small fraction of the collection I have including ephemera. I would like to have more time to scan everything and publish it here but life is a bit more complicated. The marks on the ads are in my opinion a simple way to indicate people where they may obtain more information/ads/patents etc.

Again thank you for your comments! If you can tell me also what would you like to see on this blog, what exactly can be improved?

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