eBay: Early Tall 3 Barrel Outside Hinge Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters attract a lot of collectors which are willing to pay top dollar for the rarest examples. Yesterday a rare Tall (2 7/16”) early 1933 Zippo with the three barrel outside hinge was sold for $12,807. The opening bid started at $9.99 on January 3th 2014. Ten days later (13/01/2014) the lighter received a total of 64 bids from 27 bidders. 

This Zippo has decorative diagonal lines. The high price can be explained by the very good condition of this lighter. It has its original hinge which unusual since the original hinges where rather of poor quality and often get broken. Some detailed pictures of the most expensive Zippo sold on eBay:

The second most expensive Zippo was sold on eBay approximately one year ago which was described here: eBay: $6,888.88 for a Tall 1933 Zippo


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