Advert: Ronson Touch-Tip Table Lighters, 1936

A full page Ronson magazine advertisement published on 9th December 1936 in "PUNCH or The London Charivari" magazine in England. The advert features among others some soght after Touch-Tip Ronson table lighters:
  • Touch-Tip Bar,
  • Touch-Tip Dispenser,
  • Touch-Tip Egyptian Girl,
  • Touch-Tip Clock.


Unknown said...

I just received a Bronson Touch Tip lighter and need to know about how to use the lighter. Is there a user manual or a parts list. Where is the fluid added, where can I get the wick for the wand. I know these are simple questions but I am not sure where to look.

Unknown said...

I just received a Ronson Touch Tip Oval Lighter. I need to get the manual and have a few questions... Where can I get the wand wick, where does the fluid go..... Sorry for these basic questions I am just not sure who to ask...

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