A.S.R. Florentine Dagger Lighter, 1952

The "Florentine Dagger" was manufactured in 1952 by the American Safety Razor Co. in the United States (Brooklyn, New York). It is a fine example of a mid-century multipurpose Ascot product which combines a lighter, paper weight and a letter opener. In desperate moments it can also be used as a dagger a short bladed stabbing weapon. It was available in four different finishes with faux green, black, gold and jade marble-like plastic handle.

The Florentine Dagger Lighter was marketed in a presentation box and was also available with a matching sturdy leather-like sheath in brown, black or green. Marked on the blade:

A·S·R· Ascot

PAT. D165250

The lighter insert has an automatic 'Light-Switch Action' and stays lit without holding. It is marked:
315 JAY ST.
PATENT D-146973

PAT. RE. 23,207

One of the advertisement published in the "Life" magazine in 1952 says about this product: "Most dramatic lighter of the year - the Florentine Dagger by Ascot. Lighter... letter opener... paperweight and distinguished desk ornament all in one, the Florentine's distinctive Renaissance design and authentic detail make it a lighter to be prized, a gift to be treasured. At smarter stores, coast-to-coast."

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for good–mint condition: $30.00–55.00 (approx €20.00–40.00)

Weight: 198 grams (0,44 pounds), sheath – 22 grams (0,05 pounds)


  • length: 24,7 cm (9.57")
  • width: 7.3 cm (2.87")
  • height: 1.5 cm (0.59")


Anonymous said...

Is it made of gold?

table lighters said...

Absolutely not. The blade is made of brass and it is only gold color lacquered

Anonymous said...

I own The ASCOT lighter on the bottom. The coil is broken.. Other then that it works. Where can I get it fixed?

table lighters said...

Difficult to say without having it inspected... I understand that fixing it is not only a matter of gluing? For such questions it is better to use the forum (http://collecting-lighters.com/) where you also can post some pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have a repaired one of these that must have been a "give-away" as it is engraved with Grosfeld House". How does this open? The flint still sparks but I can not figure how to put fuel?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, How do you fill it up w/ fuel ?

Thomas Aasen said...

I have one in mint condition, jade. All new in box. Never opened and with all the papers and the sheath. How much could it be worth?

Chris Buckalew said...

I also have one but haven't figured out how to put fuel in it either.

Sebastian said...

The only thing to do in order to service the lighter is take the lighter insert out of the dagger housing. You need to pull it out!

Unknown said...

I have same issue. Tried pulling the lighter off. Won't budge. Any suggestions?

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