Appraisal of collectibles & antiques

I receive a lot of requests connected with appraisal of table lighters that were not described yet. Determining the price of a specific item is very difficult and one can give only a rough estimate. Why? Because you are supposed to be able to guess how much a buyer may pay for it within a specific period of time and sales conditions. 

Our market is not a perfect market. Mainly because perfect and global market information simply does not exist. It changed a lot due to the development of Internet but it is still not ideal. The price range for the same item may vary a lot. It depends among others on your focus group - who are you going to reach with the information that you want to sell it? Will you list your item on ebay? Yes? Then in what country? Or maybe an auction house would be better? Or selling it to your nearest antiques dealer or friend?... Well, everything depends on a lot of factors. In each case you might be almost sure that you will receive a different amount of money for you item. 

For you consideration find all ebay listings on the Dunhill Pistol Lighter. Then check this post here and take a look at the appraisal which was included in the Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2004 edited by Judith Miller:


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