Coca-Cola Advertising Cigarette Lighter, 1953

This small Coca-Cola advertising cigarette lighter was manufactured from 1953 to 1956 by an unknown Japanese manufacturer exclusively for Coca-Cola Company. It was a great and popular giveaway in shape of the a Coca-Cola bottle. The lighter was made of modern transparent plastic (no Bakelite).

The metal crown on the top is marked:

Coca Cola

The two halves pull apart to show the simple wick and wheel type lighter made of brass. It is not marked.

The lighter was patented by Ryotaro Hosaka in 1953.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Scarcity: common

Value for good–mint condition: $25.00–40.00 (approx €20.00–30.00)

Weight: 18 grams (0.65 oz)

  • height: 6.5 cm (2.56")
  • diameter: 1.7 cm (0.67")


Anonymous said...

And here you can see a japanese patent for this lighter

srussert28 said...

Did these come with some kind of powder inside the wheel area when new. Every one of the "unused for 20+ years" lighters I have seen have all had a dark powder inside the wheel area. The fuel areas have all been shiny and like new. Is it some kind of early moisture control?

Sebastian said...

The powder you are referring to is dust from the decomposition of flint.

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