FAQ: Where to sell my lighter?

One of the most frequent subjects that arise in e-mails from my readers concerns selling and purchasing lighters. Let us start with pointing out the best places for lighter sellers. As with everything we want to sell we have to find the appropriate audience and attention. Here is the ranking of the best places you should start with:
  1. On-line auction platforms.
    1. International: ebay.com, delcampe.net (great for lighter pins and lighter magazine advertisements)
    2. Local/regional: ebay.au, ebay.co.uk, ebay.fr, ebay.de, allegro.pl, etc.
  2. Shopping websites eligible for private sales, e.g. etsy.com, rubylane.com, priceminister.com, amazon.
  3. On-line classified advertisements boards, e.g. gumtree.com, preloved.co.uk, olx.hu
  4. Lighter forums and clubs, e.g. forum.table-lighters.com, LCGB, OTLS
  5. Antique shops and local auction houses.
  6. Blogs and websites on lighters. Mainly rare pieces in very good condition have a chance to be accepted. 
Next month I will give you some detailed hints on how to sell lighters on eBay and similar platforms. To be up to date please subscribe to my my RSS feed!

PS. Listed below are the biggest auction services in the world (as for 2014-06-08).


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