Park Sherman Lift Arm Table Lighter Set, 1933

This stylish Art Deco Lift Arm Table Lighter Set was manufactured between 1933 and 1939 by Park Sherman Company in Springfield, Illinois, USA.

This particular set consists of a wick lighter and a cigarette holder/dispenser. It was also available with a matching tray and several brass ashtrays. The most common colors for this set is green with black stripes, red with black stripes and black with red stripes.

The Park Sherman products were sold throughout 1931 to the 1960 when it was sold to a New Jersey firm of Ketcham & McDougall. Park Sherman lighters were marketed as "Park", "Storm King" and "Everdry".

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Marked on the underside:
 (logo, coming soon)

Scarcity: uncommon–rare

Value for good–mint condition (two piece set): $50.00–120.00 (approx €40.00–90.00)

  • lighter: 88 grams (3 1/8 oz)
  • cigarette dispenser: 218 grams (7 5/8 oz)


  • height: 9.5 cm (3.9")
  • diameter: 4.8 cm (1.9")
cigarette dispenser:
  • height: 16 cm (6.3")
  • diameter: 8 cm (3.15")


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