Advert: Ronson Queen Anne, Decanter Deluxe, Crown, Adonis, Whirlwind, Standard..., 1947

Vintage magazine advertisements and catalogs are the most reliable source of information on lighters. Ronson is the best example for a broad variety of great adverts - the best years are the 1940s and 1950s. Below a Ronson magazine advertisement from LIFE published on 24 November 1947 depicting: 


Anonymous said...

Just found 3 antique Ronson pocket lighters. 2 standard and one Whirlwind. also found an ASR lighter as well. All in the original boxes with flint and brushes. Curious where to get them fixed.

Don bowen said...

I just bought an old Ronson Crown lighter that has the following on the bottom, in script No 127. thios is beside the patent and logo info. also has soft bag with Ronson Logo....what might be the value? and how old is it. Is it nbr 127 of the first ones made?

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