Will it blend? Disposable lighters

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W.B. MFG Co., 793 Strikalite Table Lighter, 1947

The W.B. MFG Co. Table Lighter with the pattern no. 793 was made between 1947-1949 by Weidlich Brothers (Bros) Manufacturing Company which operated in Bridgeport, Connecticut from 1901 until the 1950. The brothers who established and run the business were Louis, Frank, and William. They produced a wide variety of art metal ware.

The lighter was sold alone or as a set with a matching cigarette holder. Both of them were silver-plated. The ornamental design of the lighter was invented by Alfred J. Flauder who has in his records over 80 design patents credited between 1913 and 1948 for the W.B. Manufacturing Co.

Beside the table lighter he designed jewelry cases, salt and pepper shakers, crucifix pedestals, candlesticks, a variety of spoons, statuettes, perfumer and disinfectant units, clock cases, athletic trophies, jewel cases and much more. Flauder together with Louis Weidlich obtained also two patents for manufacturing methods - one for lowering costs of die-making and one for hollow ware.

The bulky base of the lighter is marked on the bottom:

W.B. MFG Co.
PAT 151340 U.S.A.


W.B. MFG Co.
Pat. Applied For

The lighter insert itself was made of brass and silver-plated and was supplied by another American company called Strikalite.

There at least two other patterns of the lighter known (no. 797 and a floral design). All of them are uncommon and none of the design was patented.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for good–mint condition: $20.00–40.00 (approx €15.00–30.00)

Weight: 190 g (6.70oz)

  • height: 9.6 cm (3.8")
  • diameter: 5.2 cm (2.0")
Below the design patent of the table lighter registered on October, 12, 1948 by the United States Patent Office.