Advert: Silver Match Gas Cigarette Lighters, 1957

This full page color advertisement was published in a French magazine in 1957. It present among others the "Le DIRECTOIRE" gas table lighter made by Silver Match.

Park Sherman Lift Arm Table Lighter Set, 1933

This stylish Art Deco Lift Arm Table Lighter Set was manufactured between 1933 and 1939 by Park Sherman Company in Springfield, Illinois, USA.

This particular set consists of a wick lighter and a cigarette holder/dispenser. It was also available with a matching tray and several brass ashtrays. The most common colors for this set is green with black stripes, red with black stripes and black with red stripes.

The Park Sherman products were sold throughout 1931 to the 1960 when it was sold to a New Jersey firm of Ketcham & McDougall. Park Sherman lighters were marketed as "Park", "Storm King" and "Everdry".

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Marked on the underside:
 (logo, coming soon)

Scarcity: uncommon–rare

Value for good–mint condition (two piece set): $50.00–120.00 (approx €40.00–90.00)

  • lighter: 88 grams (3 1/8 oz)
  • cigarette dispenser: 218 grams (7 5/8 oz)


  • height: 9.5 cm (3.9")
  • diameter: 4.8 cm (1.9")
cigarette dispenser:
  • height: 16 cm (6.3")
  • diameter: 8 cm (3.15")

Advert: Silver Match Gas Cigarette Lighters, 1957

This full page color advertisement was published in a French magazine in 1957. It present the all new Silver Match gas lighters in different finishes.

Advert: Evans table lighters in silver plate, 1949

This full size magazine advertisement was published in Beautiful House Magazine in June 1949. It promotes five silver-plated Evans table lighters:
  1. The Future
  2. Famous Magic Lamp
  3. The Victorian
  4. The Georgian
  5. The Contempora

La Paglia International Silver Evans Table Lighter, 1953

This rare and finely crafted table lighter was manufactured by International Silver Co. and Evans between 1953 and 1955 in Meriden, Connecticut, USA. The base of the lighter is made of sterling silver and is not weighted. It is round with famous for the Danish design and Alphonse La Paglia modern band of scrolls and flowers decoration.

The design of this piece is reminiscent of work by George Jensen, a renowned Danish silversmith; however, this is not surprising as La Paglia studied under Jensen in the 1930's and, after moving to the US in the 1940's, continued as a designer under Frederick Lunning (Georg Jensen U.S.A.). In 1952, La Paglia established a close relationship with International Silver Company, and moved his studio to Meriden, Connecticut, where he worked until his untimely death in 1953. A. La Paglia worked also for Black Starr and Gorham.

The lighter insert was provided by Evans (USA). It is made of brass and is silver electroplated.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Stamped on the bottom:

La Paglia Designed
160 (sometimes: 139 98 /2)


The same lighter case was also manufactured by Georg Jensen Inc. and marked:


The lighter was available in different heights: 2–2.5".

Scarcity: rare

Value for very good–mint condition: $120.00–140.00 (€100–120)

Weight: 140 grams (5 oz)

  • height: 5.1 cm (2")
  • diameter: 5.1 cm (2")

Negbaur Cannon Table Lighter, 1940

This figural wick lighter was manufactured by Negbaur between 1940 and 1949 in Allbright, New York in the United States. It is made of die cast metal in a dark cooper antique (uncommon) or chrome plate finish (rare). The two carriage wheels spin on their axle and the carriage elevates up and down.

It presents a reproduction of a 75mm field canon gun. This quick-firing artillery piece is simply called "Canon de 75 modèle 1897". It was in service in several countries since 1898 and used during both World Wars among others by France, United States, Poland, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom.

The semi-automatic wick lighter is removable from the canon base. In order to lit the lighter one need to press the button in the back of the cannon barrel. The top opens and the wick burns.

Negbaur was well known for their other solid built figural lighters, like planes, knights, golf bags, chess figures or planes made in the earlier years (1930s and 1940s). The Canon Lighter is very collectible as it is well build and designed. As many of them were manufactured it is not a problem to find one in excellent condition. This flint cigarette lighter was also manufactured for Demley with a small alteration – an added metal base for example.

Marked on the bottom of the base:

Made in U.S.A.

Pat. Pending

Type: wick (petrol) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon–rare

Value for very good–mint condition: $75.00–125.00 (approx €50.00–90.00)

Weight: 453 grams (15 7/8 oz)

  • length: 21 cm (8.3")
  • width: 7.6 cm (3")
  • height: 8 cm (3.1")

Worcester & Evans English Pewter Lighter Set, 1951

The Worcester English Pewter Table Lighter Set was marketed by Worcester Silver Co. and made in 1951 in Sheffield, England. The set consists of a silver plated wick lighter shaped of tankard and matching cigarette holder. 

The lighter insert was provided by Evans (USA). It is made of brass and is silver electroplated. Marked on the bottom: EVANS USA

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Both marked on the bottom:

English Pewter 
Made in Sheffield 

Scarcity: rare

Value for very good–mint condition (set): $80.00–120.00 (€60–90)


  • lighter – 130 grams (4 1/2 oz)
  • cigarette urn 53 grams (1 7/8 oz)

1. Lighter
  • height: 7.3 cm (2.9")
  • diameter: 5.2 cm (2")
2. Cigarette holder
  • height: 5 cm (2")
  • diameter: 5.2 cm (2")