Auction house - vintage pocket and table lighters, sale

I received today an email from "Koller Auktionen" - a swiss auction house - with an invitation to the auction on pocket and table lighters (auction no. W236). It will take place in three days on 20th of March. You may look at the over 200 lighters listed here

Most of the lots are overpriced but famous auction houses attract wealthy people so there is a probability that some of the cigarette lighters will find a new home. One of the table lighters I have spotted has though a tempting starting price:

Lot 5609
TISCHFEUERZEUG "WELTKUGEL", U.S.A., Art Déco. Metall silberfarben gefasst und teils verchromt. Erdkugel, die Kontinente profiliert dargestellt. Auf rundem Sockel. H 13,5 cm.
CHF 200.- / 300.-
€ 170.- / 250.-

The table lighter is in good condition and it is the famous "The Globe" lighter sold and advertised by Dunhill in the 1930s. It was manufactured by Demuth New York (Demley) and was available in chrome-plate and bronze-plate finish.

Liebig: Chromo Advertising Trade Cards - Making of Fire, 1908

I have recently discovered a fantastic field of ephemera collectibles; namely the advertising trade cards from the Liebig Company (producer of meat extract) issued between 1872-1939. The colored lithographed cards instantly become very popular and collectible. Each series has 6 or 12 cards and the size of each card is approx. 4.1" x 2.8".

One set of Liebig (Oxo) cards might be of interest to lighter collectors. The set no S0932: The making of fire was issued in 1908 and was available only in French (La production du feu), German (Erzeugung des Feuers) and Italian (La produzione del fuoco). This particular lot costs between €15-30.


Picture 01:      Das Feuerreiben in der Urzeit
Picture 02:      Feuererzeugung durch Sonnenstrahlen
Picture 03:      Das Platinfeuerzeug
Picture 04:      Bäuerin gebraucht das Zunderfeuerzeug
Picture 05:      Das Stippfeuerzeug
Picture 06:      Die ersten Phosphorzündhölzer