Advert: Zippo lighters inc. Zippo Moderne + Corinthian, 1961

This Zippo advertisement was published in the Christmas edition of LIFE magazine on the 8th December 1961. Between different Zippo pocket lighters there are two table lighters - the Zippo Moderne and Zippo Corinthian (in the center).

Negbaur Table Top Lighter, 1949

The Negbaur Table Top Lighter was manufactured between 1949 and 1950 in Allbright, New York in the United States. This table lighter had a heavy white alloy metal housing and was available in two finishes: chrome plate (common) and cooper plate (uncommon). The form of this lighter as well the mechanism were quite primitive as for that period. The biggest attitude of this cigarette lighter was it low price.

The lighter body was designed by Herman Treiss. 

This lighter was not much a success though one must remember that Negbaur made some fantastic table lighters in the shape of a golf bag, plane, knight and even canons in the earlier years (1930s and 1940s).

Marked on the bottom of the base:

Type: wick (petrol) lighter

Scarcity: common–uncommon

Value for very good–mint condition: $20.00–35.00 (approx €15.00–25.00)

Weight: 270 grams (0,59 pounds)

  • length: 7.6 cm (3")
  • width: 6.3 cm (2 1/2")
  • height: 6.3 cm (2 1/2")