Advert: Lucky Strike Cigarettes 1950-1951

The previous post devoted to Lucky Strike Cigarettes magazine advertisements was very popular among the readers of this blog. This is why I decided to share with you another six ads from years 1950 and 1951. All ads come from The Saturday Evening Post and Collier's magazines. 

I am must admit, great pin-up girls, vivid colors and a lot of happiness is pictured. Be happy - Go Lucky! :)

Inspirational Quote of the Month

It is exquisite, and leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?
— Oscar Wilde describing a cigarette

From The Faber book of Smoking edited by James Walton.

Ad: Ward Nimrod Pipeliter, Pipe Lighter, 1947

The Nimrod Pipeliter manufactured since 1946 was a specially designed lighter for pipe smokers. It was made by Ward-Nimrod Company located in Ohio, USA. It was very robust and quite cheap.

Below three small magazine advertisements featuring the Nimrod Pipeliter. All ads were published in 1947 in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.

Popular Mechanics, October 1947

Popular Science, December 1947

Popular Science, May 1947

Patent: Ritepoint Liter, Table Model, 1949

Sylvester G. Lipic was the inventor as well the designer of the whole Ritepoint Lighters range. He was also the first president of Ritepoint Co. of St. Louis, Mo.  The below patented design was introduced in 1949 as the Ritepoint Roman Classic which was available in four colors. It was the first table lighter with a transparent fuel reservoir (today known as the vu-lighter) which was a lucrative invention as it was widely used in the advertising sector.

FAQ: Instruction for the ANGLIA Table Lighter, 1947

To remove Mechanical Unit, hold body in right hand and Mechanical Unit in left and unsrew.

To recharge with flint, unscrew Knurled Cap, insert flint and spring and replace.

To refuel, hold body in left hand and basein right hand, unscrew, pour fuel in aperature and replace. Use good quality Lighter Fuel only.


The Anglia Lighter is fitted with special glass wick which cannot burn.

When replacing flint, use good quality only. The size fitted should be standard 2.8 mm diameter.


More about the Anglia Table Lighter can be found here.

Ad: Benlow Ltd. Cigarette Lighters, 1939

A rare English black & white half-page Benlow advertisement published in 1939. It depicts two series of Benlow lighters that were in production in the 1930s:

  • Benlow Golmet Lighters,
  • Benlow Automatic Combination Lighter Case.