Lighter Repair Manual. For All Cigarette Lighters, 1954

I have decided to share some extra content with everybody who wants and is willing to donate couple of dollars for the development of this blog. 

Please donate $5 to this blog and you will receive the "Lighter Repair Manual. For All Cigarette Lighters" which was first published in 1953/1954. This publication is available in PDF and only for private use. 150 pages of superb content, see some example pages below.

The list of Cigarette Lighters that are included in this manual is very impressive:
  •     ASR
  •     Avedon
  •     Beattie Jet
  •     Berkeley Director
  •     Berkeley Windproof
  •     Bowers
  •     Bowers
  •     Clark
  •     Corona Atom
  •     Dome
  •     Dunhill
  •     Dunhill Windproof
  •     Dunhill Dueling Pistol
  •     Elgin American Case
  •     Elgin American Pocket
  •     Evans
  •     Firefly
  •     Giant
  •     Karat
  •     Kimberly
  •     Lektrolite
  •     Liberty
  •     Lord Oxford
  •     Maraking
  •     Marathon
  •     Mars Triggerlite
  •     Metalfield (Aladdin)
  •     Mylflam
  •     Negbaur
  •     Parker Flaminaire
  •     Parker Silent Flame
  •     Parker Table
  •     Pistoliter
  •     RamaSpin
  •     Regeliter
  •     Regens
  •     Ritepoint
  •     Ronson
  •     Ronson Maximus
  •     Ronson Octette
  •     Ronson Touch-Tip
  •     Ronson Vanguard
  •     Ronson Viking
  •     Royal Case Lite
  •     Royaliter
  •     Solo
  •     Speed
  •     Stratoflame
  •     Strikeliter
  •     Swiza
  •     Team
  •     Thorens
  •     Thorens Jubile
  •     Thorens Ladies
  •     Thorens Lucky
  •     Thorens Oriflam
  •     Thorens Standard
  •     Thorens Vedette
  •     Top Hat
  •     Urislite
  •     Wademeyer
  •     Windy
  •     Zippo

Advert: Zippo and a modern girl, 1949

A lovely magazine advertisement published in Holiday magazine on November 1949. It depicts among others the Barcroft Table Lighter.

Zippo magazine advertisement

Advert: Gillette Wild Cricket Table Lighters, 1973

The 1970s were years when table lighters were disappearing from the markets all over the world. The demand for them fall significantly because of cheap and easy to get disposable butane lighters. Some trials to keep this segment alive eventually failed. 

Below one of the attempts made by Gillette - the Cricket "Accent table lighter" was a combination of various bases in which disposable lighters could be easily fitted. Not a bad idea but very kitschy workmanship.