"Oh, for my lighter!" postcard, Canada, 1942

Here we have an example of a color postcard from the WWII era. It depicts a small boy handing the Canadian soldier a can with petrol (fr. essence) for the jeep. In reply he gets this: Oh, for my lighter! A bit of humor in the very unhappy times. The postcard was printed in Belgium.

Ronson Striker Lighter "Monkey", 1938

The Ronson Striker Lighter "Monkey" was manufactured by Art Metal Works Inc. (Ronson) between 1938-1940 in Newark, N.J. in the United States. The same "laughing out loud" monkey design was also used in the manufacturing the Ronson AMW incense burner, but certainly without the wand and flint strip.

The striker wand (two variants known) is on the top of the monkeys head and the flint strip on the arm. The striker lighter base is die-casted. It is therefor heavy and very sturdy. The finish is called "imperial bronze" - deep bronze effect combined with cooper-colored highlights. It was also made (but is rarer) in cooper finish The striker lighter combines a small ashtray compartment in a form of a clamshell.

The bottom of the lighter is marked:

Also some of the lighters have a sticker saying: 


Type: striker lighter

Scarcity: rare

Value for very good–mint condition: 250€

Weight: 735 grams (2 lbs)

  • height: 10 cm (3.9")
  • width: 9 cm (3.5")
  • depth: 9 cm (3.5")