Hermès / Ravinet D'Enfert Lighter Holder for Feudor Disposable Lighter, France ca. 1975

Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specializes mainly in leather and lifestyle accessories. Only a few lighter models were branded with Hermes but they were all made by third companies. 

The lighter holder below is a rare item made in small quantity in Paris, France in the 1970s. It was made of brass and heavy silver-plated. The concept of selling such item by Hermes was a bit risky and in the end the market did not accept it. It was expensive and the disposable Feudor gas lighter insert made in Philippines did not match the high-end user expectations. It was the cheapest (4.50 French Francs) disposable lighter Feudor was offering on the market!

The lighter holder was made by Ravinet (Louis) and D'Enfert (Charles) in Paris, France. The company was founded in 1891 and was a leading company in silver and plated silver production which won several international awards during the art deco period (1920-1940). The company ceased activity in 1984. Their address used to be Hotel de Caumartin, 83 rue du Temple, Paris.

The Feudor lighter insert was called the "stick lighter" (fr. le stick), it was cylindrical in shape and could not be refilled. It was a typical throw away item. The Feudor tank was made of a semi-transparent plastic in various colors (vide infra the magazine advertisement from 1974). It was ready available in the 1970s. The top of the lighter and the bottom are made of gold-washed metal. The lighter stick is equipped with a flame adjuster.

The base of the lighter is made in shape of a nest and marked on the bottom: Hermès Paris. Made in France. Also a logo (master mark) of Ravinet D'Enfert logo is punched - RD with a clover resembling a cross. A later version of this holder has a hole punched on the center in order to make it easier to remove the lighter insert.

Scarcity: rare–very rare

Value for very good–mint condition: $120.00–150.00

Weight: ca. 160 grams (without Feudor lighter)

  • height: 6.5 cm (without lighter)
  • diameter: 4.5 cm

Phoenix Bird Match Holder, France 1870s

Match holders are another interesting discipline of collecting smoking related items. They were made in various forms and in almost every available material. Match holders made their appearance by the 1850s, ca. 20 years after the first friction match was invented in 1827 by John Walker.

Below is an example of a phoenix bird match holder for tabletop made in France in the 1870s. It is made from a non-magnetic alloy containing mainly zinc and lead. The bird perched on the side of the box has a double pin in his beak and when his head is pushed down he spears a match and retrieves it. The striking surface is located on the back of the phoenix. It is marked (modèle) "déposé" which means that the design was officially registered in France. 

A very good book for collectors on match holders was written by Jean and Franklin Hunting "Collectible Match Holders for Tabletops and Walls. With Price Guide". Well worth the money. It contains 541 photographs with descriptions as well as information on the history of matches and match holders and design patents and their time frames.


Catalog: S. Sakakura Cigarette Lighters and Cases, Japan 1930s

S. Sakakura was a Japanese company specializing in production of good quality cigarette lighters. Below the whole table lighters section from the 9th catalog from the 1930s. Enjoy!