Anatomy of the Evans wick lighter

The Evans lighter was made up in variety of styles: pocket lighters, case lighters and of course table lighters, which also were made up in variety of finishes, colors and sizes but the majority of Evans lighters were assembled in the same way.  The exceptions are Evans lighters with the trig-a-lite and lift-arm mechanism dating the 1920s and 1930s and of course gas lighters made since 1958.

Here an illustration of the Evans wick lighter manufactured for at least two decades in years 1941-1958.

List of the lighter parts:
  1. Snuffer
  2. File wheel
  3. Fulcrum screws
  4. Wick
  5. Flint tube
  6. Flint
  7. Flint spring tip
  8. Flint spring
  9. Flint screw
  10. Thumb lever
  11. Thumb lever spring
  12. Thumb lever pin
  13. Washer for the fuel screw
  14. Fuel screw


Anonymous said...

hi! I have an evans trig-a-lite lighter cig case combo, silver. seems to be sealed unit. screw to fill fluid and screw to replace flint but cant figure how to replace wick. any help or info on repair.even repair as far as taking the striking unit apart. thanks.

Unknown said...

I just inherited my grandfathers evens lighter and I can't get a flint to work the wheel moves all the pieces are here just no a spark I would love to keep this piece of history alive can anyone pls help

Unknown said...

I solved the Flint issue with my Evans lighter. I had thought it wasn't sparking due to wrong sized Flint or lack of pressure on the Flint wheel. Found out the Flint decomposes after sitting for long periods. I found it easy to fix once I used a small drill bit and delicately and slowly drilled out the old jammed up decayed Flint. Threw in a new Zippo Flint and it worked like a charm.

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