eBay: $6,888.88 for a Tall 1933 Zippo

Zippo collectors never cease to amaze me. There is no other lighter company that has so many devoted and well organized collectors. What does attract them? What makes the Zippo lighters so collectible? The simple design? Life warranty? No.

Somewhere in the 1960s Zippo discovered that sales droved only by customers willing to pay for its pure function would not make it successful at all. A new marketing strategy was implemented which aimed the collecting spirit of some of the potential customers - limited editions and special editions of Zippo lighters were issued; a wide range of various finishes and designs were introduced each year. Zippo is easy customizable and need little space. Many storage and display cases are provided by Zippo itself and by many enthusiasts. Furthermore Zippo supports Zippo Clubs and closely cooperates with many of them. 

The strategy works well and Zippo still exists whereas many other great lighter manufacturers like Evans, Ronson, Thorens with good quality products vanished or almost vanished from the market.

Zippo lighters attract a lot of collectors which are willing to pay top dollar for the rarest examples. Yesterday a rare Tall (2 7/16”) early 1933 Zippo with the three barrel outside hinge was sold for $6,888. The opening bid started at $99 on January 8th 2013. Seven days later the lighter received 23 bids. 

Some detailed pictures:


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