The time is passing by and the "Table Lighters Collectors' Guide" is one year old! I am also happy to announce that this post has a nice round number 100. I assume that this is a good reason to sum up my activity.

This blog was visited 17135 times since the 10th April, 2009. There were 36,690 pageviews. Other information below:

Money earned owing your contribution on clicking on the google adverts: $52. Thank you! Owing to this amount I have acquired two books on cigarette lighters that will help me sharing with you my knowledge.

The blog was visited by people from 107 countries all over the world, most of them came from the United States (52%), United Kingdom (15%), Poland (6%), Canada (4%) and Germany (2,12%).

I would like to thank all my readers for their visits, comments and 'clicks' which does motivate me to a better work. I hope I do fulfill your expectations and that I still have the power to improve this site.


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