eBay: $8,300 for a Dunhill Aquarium Table Lighter

A very rare Dunhill Aquarium Table Lighter was sold last month on eBay for $8,300. The opening bid started at $1,500 on January 19th 2012. Ten days later the table lighter had received 20 bids from 9 bidders. By far it is the highest price for a table lighter fetched on eBay. The record price for a cigarette lighter though belongs to an early example of Zippo pocket lighter which was sold on January 2009 for $11,758.98!

The Dunhill Aquarium lighters which were made in the early 1950s are for sure among collectors' favorites. They usually receive final eBay selling prices in the $3,500 to $5,000 range. The price though might be higher especially for examples in excellent condition featuring scenes like birds, outdoor pursuits, automobiles or ships. The scenes were hand-painted by Ben Shillingford which makes every lighter unique and thus very desirable.

And some more pictures of this beauty:


Anonymous said...

I recently came across one and the gentleman was asking approx $1,400 can dollars for it. Thoughts? Good deal ?

Anonymous said...

hi have come across an old dunhill aquarium lighter fish, .... but theres a hairline crack on plastic on the end but only from the inside it does not come through to outside will it effect value if I put it up for sale or can it be repaired any coments welcomed as a bit green .

Collector said...

It depends on the buyer although having a choice one would take the one without an inside crack. Unfortunately, it cannot be fixed.

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