Patent: Ronson Touch-Tip Lighter Mechanism, 1935

The flame producing mechanism of the famous Ronson Touch-Tip Table Lighter was patented in 1935 by Louis V. Aronson. The no. of the patent is 1,986,754. The graphics of the anatomy of the lighter are based on the Ronson Touch-Tip Oval which production started in 1937 in the US (here is an magazine advertisement with the "Oval"). The most popular of the touch-tip range was though the Ronson Octette.


Unknown said...

I am not sure if anyone is watching this blog - I have a good condition Ronson Oval that I want to use I am not sure of the care an maintenance and need some help. Where can is get the wicks for the wand and do we add the fuel directly to the housing?

Unknown said...

go to facebook and look up the group vintage lighter collectors

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