Table lighter in common languages

Lighter collectors seem to be everywhere. If you are specializing in one or more brands you may already know that the country where the company was most successful is also the best place for research and shopping! In most cases it is the fatherland of these brands.

1. When you do not know where your favorite lighters company comes from, you may use the list of manufacturers by country.
2. Use this table to identify the best chances for finding what you want.

English lighter table lighter, desk lighter pocket lighter petrol lighter gas lighter
Spanish encendedor encendedor de mesa, encendedor de escritorio encendedor de bolsillo encendedor de gasolina encendedor de gas
German Feuerzeug Tischfeuerzeug Taschenfeuerzeug Benzinfeuerzeug Gasfeuerzeug
French briquet briquet de table briquet briquet essence briquet gaz
Italian accendino accendino da tavolo accendino da tasca accendino a benzina accendino a gas
Polish zapalniczka zapalniczka stołowa, zapalniczka gabinetowa zapalniczka kieszonkowa zapalniczka benzynowa zapalniczka gazowa
Portuguese isqueiro isqueiro de mesa isqueiro de bolso isqueiro de benzino isqueiro a gás

When you have found the right web page or even the lighter you may always use an on-the-fly translator, like google translator which is suitable for every common language in the world.  Just paste the URL here and press the 'translate' button.


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