Evans, Imperial Egg, 1953

The Evans Imperial Egg was a very popular table lighter marketed in the 50's. It was manufactured by Evans Case Company in their plant in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA and its retail price was $15.00. This horizontal egg opens to reveal a concealed Evans cigarette lighter. The egg has a delicate high-fired enamel combined with Renaissance metal (brass) treatment in an antique finish.

Different form of base and trim. Was available in very various finishes. The most popular were golden and silver satin, white (see picture, four-legged base), pink, yellow, red, green, paste straw and blue delicate enamel.

The Imperial egg is often a very pleasant collector's item because of its beauty and a lot of different nuances. Matching ashtrays and candy dishes were also made. Only on the lighter insert is an Evans mark.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon-rare

Value for good–mint condition: $65.00–120.00 (approx €50.00–90.00)

Weight: 150 grams (0,33 pounds)

  • height: 6.5 cm (2.6")
  • width: 8.0 cm (3.2")
  • depth: 5.3 cm (2.1")


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