Ronson Mayfair, 1936, 1956

The Ronson Mayfair was first manufactured in 1936 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. It was a very successful product which was marketed till 1959 with a major change regarding the lighter fitment. Till 1956 the Ronson Mayfair had a Standard Ronson lighter fitment; although after 1955 the Essex fitment was introduced (see photo).

This table lighter was advertised always as a pair and sold in a presentation box. The lighter is very handy and covered with a thick layer of silver. The bottom is padded with green felt.

A newspaper advertisement from 1951 of the Ronson Mayfair says: "Dainty Silver Plated table lighters to harmonize with fine silverware. Like salt and pepper shakers, they're placed within easy reach of each setting, two or more for the well appointed dinner table".

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Writing on the underside:

2.481.195 & 2.715.329


Ronson (R)
U.S. PATENT RE. NO. 19023
CANADA PATS, 288,148-289,889

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for very good–mint condition (pair): $55.00–90.00 (approx €40.00–65.00)

Weight (one): 180 grams (0,4 pounds)

  • height: 7.2 cm (2.83")
  • width: 4.3 cm (1.7")
  • depth: 3.4 cm (1.34")


Anonymous said...

i have one of these lighters not to sure wat year it is i am woundering it had a ding on it b/c its okd and was woundering if anyone knows wat type of metal is under the silver plate thx

Sebastian said...

Allmost all Ronson silver plate lighters are made of ZAMAK - an alloy of primery zink, copper, aluminium and magnesium.

Anonymous said...

my hisband just found a pair in the dump today..they are mint and never been used,we just put in flints and fuel and got them lit up...sweet dealio :) monica july 14 2010

Anonymous said...

so i found a pair of these in a box of my great grandfathers stuff. never been opened or even looked at. still has the original treated sliver polishing cloth and the tag is inside. i'm open to offers if anyone has any. my name is erik

Anonymous said...

I just found one at an estate sale the top looks more like the ones in the advertisement and the green felt is missing with a small amount of silver plate on the bottom which has unglued itself and noticed a couple areas where it looks like the silverplate is kind of bubbling up. Cleaned up nicely though and bought it for only $3.00. I am putting it on my bar in my diningroom with some other 50's memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. Ive aquifer about 200-300 Ronson lighters table pocket and cig cases with lighters and sets all Ronson we have a shop or shops in South Jersey you can see pictures with info on our Facebook/agedtoperfectionantiques may help with questions and answers or if you want to sell or replace any of your items. Keep in mind our shops have overhead so prices are not book they are priced to sell. You can email questions to

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