Evans, Little Boy Sculpture, 1950

This tall and very decorative Evans table lighter was manufactured in ca. 1950 in the United States. The nonferrous metal base is in a form of a sculpture depicting a little boy (angel, cherub?) that is holding a basket. It has a nice antique gold finish. The lighter unit is removable and gold-plated.

The rounded base is padded with green felt and it has no visible markings on the base.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Scarcity: very rare

Value for good mint condition: $100.00–150.00 (approx €70.00–110.00)

Weight: 615 grams (1,36 pounds)

  • height: 21.0 cm (8.27")
  • width: 6.5 cm (2.5")
  • depth: 6.5 cm (2.5")


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