Hy Glo & Frank M. Whiting, Crown, ca. 1932

The Hy Glo & Frank M. Whiting lighter was made in the early 1930s. Hy Glo Products Co. Owosso, Michigan U.S.A. provided only the small sterling wick lighter insert marked: Hy Glo MADE IN U.S.A. Hy Glo went out of the lighter business in 1949 due to a fire that destroyed the whole factory complex.

The lighter was sold alone - without a matching ashtray or cigarette urn like the older brother. The lighter is made of glass and silver sterling (925). The lighter has a relatively heavy removable cap (top cover) made from an alloy and silver-plated

Worth to know is that the Frank M. Whiting was founded in 1878 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts by the son of William Whiting, the founder of the Whiting Manufacturing. In 1895, the company was converted to a stock company under the name F. M. WHITING & Co. In 1896, the firm's name was changed to FRANK. M. WHITING & Co. In 1897 the company was incorporated and later in the 1924 was purchased by the Elmore Silver Company of Meriden, CT. Their line included sterling silver flatware, hollowware, novelties, souvenir spoons, etc. The brand was on the market till 1940.

Marked on the silver:


Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for good–mint condition: $40.00–70.00 (approx €30.00–50.00)

Weight: 162 grams (0.36)

  • height: 6.2 cm (2.4")
  • diameter: 5.8 cm (2.3")


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