MaruMan T2 Electric, 1970

The MaruMan T2 Electric Table Lighter was marketed in the 1970 in Japan. It is one of the most interesting examples of the evolution of piezoelectric technology fitted in MaruMan table lighters. The first Maruman piezoelectric table lighter was introduced in 1967 and simply called "Business Lighter". It was three years after (December 1964) Mansei Koyo Kabushiki Kaisa of the MaruMan company produced the first piezo lighter in the world.

This unique table lighter is made of various materials: brass with gold plating, black and white plastic and of course the heavy hand-cut leadcrystal. The mechanism of the lighter is very simple though still sophisticated: when the white button is pressed the lighter lits and also a lamp build into the crystal turns red. When the button is released  the lamp turns blue. When the button is pressed again both the light and lighter are switched off.

On the lead crystal is a sticker saying:
Hand cut

The flame control, filling hole and the battery compartment are situated in the plastic base which is padded with green felt. It is also marked:


Very similar lighters were manufactured also by another Japanese company called "Modern", for example its model "Gloria".

Type: electric gas (butane) lighter 

Scarcity: rare

Value for very goodmint condition: $80.00–120.00 (approx €60.00–90.00)

Weight: 810 grams (1.79 pounds) - without batteries

  • height: 17.0 cm (6.7")
  • diameter: 10.9 cm (4.3")


Anonymous said...

How do you fill this lighter?

Anonymous said...

Hi !! I have a T2 MaurMan that needs attention....Can you fix it ???? It's for a Speical friend of mine...Please say yes....It has the org. box and all...She gave it to me to get fixed ??? oh Boy...

Some person has already been trying to fix it... but, They soonly found out they were in over there head.. is where i'm at...If you can't fix er, Can and will you please direct me in the direction of someone that can please..??

Thank You and Sinerely Bill.

deb said...

Anonymous said...
How do you fill this lighter?
23 March, 2010

The bottom of the lighter's a very thin cap, just under the ribbing. Hold on there and unscrew the very bottom.
Inside you'll find a rectangular box, you'll see 2 screws, the larger one is what you need to unscrew and will find where to refill it.
Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

And what sort of batteries does it take please?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who repairs these? or has a owners manual? Thank you

helari said...

Hi there, I have one of these for sale. Where can I find a buyer? Is the value still the same? (Now 2014) thanks

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