S.T. Dupont Cylinder Table Lighter, 1971

The S.T. Dupont Cylinder Table Lighter model is a modern example of a luxury gas cigarette lighter made in France. It was marketed since 1971 around the world and discontinued probably in 1997. It had a three year guarantee and came in a red giftbox. 

The lighter is electroplated in 18 karat gold and covered in black Chinese lack. It was also available only in gold or silver plate finish. 

Turn the gold plated hand wheel to the left and the flame appears. You migh also change the shape of the flame when the top is open. On the bottom there is the gas filler and the height controler.

This Dupont butane table lighter is marked on the bottom as well on the front of the hand wheel: 

Type: gas (butane) lighter

Scarcity: rare

Value for mint condition: $300-500

Weight: 515 grams (1.35 pounds)

  • height: 10.9 cm (4.3")
  • diameter: 4.4 cm (1.73")


Ernest Kaiser said...

I have a mint-excellent silver Dupont cylinder table lighter acquired in 1972. The only use was trying it out a few times. I wish to sell it.

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