Braun Cylindric T2 Table Lighter, Dieter Rams, 1968

The Braun Cylindric T2 Table Lighter was manufactured in between 1968 and 1970 by Braun AG in Frankfurt, Germany and also in Ireland. It was inspired by the development of the invention of the magnetic ignition technology. The table lighter was available in many various finishes like: painted metal, plain chrome plated steel and in diamond texture (see picture). The whole type specification:

  • 6822 / 272  metal silver-plated, lengthwise ruffled
  • 6822 / 708  metal silver-plated, unruffled surface
  • 6822 / 712  plastic red                            
  • 6822 / 713  plastic blue
  • 6822 / 715  plastic black, black cap
  • 6822 / 716  plastic black, chrome-plated cap
  • 6822 / 717  plastic orange
  • 6822 / 718  metal chrome-plated, annulated struktur
  • 6822 / 730  plexiglass
  • 6822 / 302  metal chrome-plated, unruffled grounded
  • 6822 / 303  metall chrome-plated, lengthwise ruffled
  • 6822 / 304  metall black, annulated struktur
  • 6822 / 305  metall silver-plated, checked pattern
This gas butane lighter was designed for Braun by the famous German designer Dieter Rams born in 1932. Next to this lighter he designed also the ET 55 Calculator (1980), SK 4/10 Radio-Phonograph (1956), H 3 Heater-Ventilator (1962) and the Loudspeaker Model No. LE 1 (1960). The Braun Cylindric is part of the permanent collection  of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

As a smoker, Rams loved to design lighters as “small sculptural objects” which should be “a pleasure to look at and to use.” According to an article in the Design Museum  website "his chief challenge with the T2 was identifying the precise place on the side of the cylinder at which the thumb could apply the greatest pressure to the magnetic ignition pad".

If someone is interested in the the inner part of the lighter you may find the article "Cylindric Ultrasonic Bat Detector" very useful.

Marked on the bottom of the base (black plastic):

Made in Ireland


Made in West Germany 
 (serial number)
Type: gas (butane) lighter

Scarcity: uncommon

Value for very good–mint condition: $70.00–130.00 (approx €55.00–100.00)

Weight: 275 grams (0,60 pounds)

  • height: 8.6 cm (3 3/8")
  • diameter: 5.4 cm (2 1/8")


Ben said...

How do I refill this lighter, can't figure it out

stephen said...

Dear Interested,
I have a 14K gold, one-of-a-kind Dunhill stamped Braun cylindric with a 14K gold sheath weighing 10.4 oz, in a dappled, free formed texture---not used and stored away for 35 years. How much might this lighter fetch and per Ben's comment above, what gas and attachment should I use to fill it?

Anonymous said...

Stephen - a lot of money my friend.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I have a Braun contour lighter that I purchased in The Museum of Modern Art in New York in the mid seventies. It's matte black with no decoration. Looks like the monolith from 2001.It supposedly is a limited edition. I cannot find anything about this item. Even Braun says they have no information. What is it's history? What is it worth? Can you shed some light on this? I don't know where Else to look.

Unknown said...

I have a chrome T2 lighter and am interested in selling, where would be the best place to sell?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a Braun T2 that I sold. The buyer said the peizoelectric component is not working, however it has been very well cared for by only one owner. It has no butane in it. How will I know if it is actually broken? How would anyone know this component is broken if they don't test it? Could someone easily swap this for another one?

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a black T2 from 1968. But now it is not working. The spark is ok, but no flame.... How can I repair it ? Or where in Bologna (Italy) ?

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