Ronson Senator Desk Lighter, 1950

Ronson Senator Desk/Table lighter was first manufactured in 1950 both in Newark, New Jersey, USA and in London, England. It is a solid oval-shaped petrol (wick) lighter with an interesting range of leather and wood veneer finishes. The Ronson Senator was manufactured probably until the year 1954. In the UK the Senator was also available in sterling silver - rose motive on the side - which is very rare.

This handsomely designed brass chromium plated (also seen gold-tone plated which is rare) desk lighter was based on the Adonis lighter fitment. Primely available in genuine pigskin and a more expensive alligator-lizard finish. A year later genuine mahogany wood veneer (see pictures) finish was introduced. In 1952 the Senator family expanded by two other wood veneer: walnut and bright wood.

The British version does vary a little bit from the one manufactured in the U.S. In case of the Ronson Senator made in England  the base is padded with green thick felt versus made of cork. Also the size of the monogram shield is different - the English one is wider but lower than the American one. The English Adonis fitment is also marked Ronson. Worth to mention is that a Senator without a monogram shield is rare.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Marked on the bottom of the base:

BRIT. PAT. NO. 621570

U.S. PATS. RE. 19,023-2,481,195
CANADA PATS.-288,148-289,889

Scarcity: uncommon–very rare

Value for very good–mint condition: $40.00–200.00 (approx €30.00–150.00)

Weight: 245 grams (0.54 pounds)

  • height: 6.5 cm (2.6")
  • length: 8.1 cm (3.2")
  • width: 3.3 cm (1.3")


max ahlen said...

i do almost have one of these but its "wood" all around it and not the long chrome swith upon but a smaller and shorter one :) any idea ?

Unknown said...

I have one but it doesn't work where can I get it fixed

Jack said...

Alifonso Padilla; I have a very close friend who fixes all 'Ronsons" as well as many other!

Anonymous said...

we have one here in our shop gold in colour edging. black leather type middle cant seem to find it any where? any ideas

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