Collecting novelty cigarette lighters

The best place to live for a collector of novelty lighters is - without doubt - China that is the source of production of an uncounted number of lighters in various shapes and sizes. Cui You a Chinese 71-year-old pensioner and devoted lighter collector would agree on that statement. His collection counts more than 4500 figural lighters which he collected since 1980. And the beginning was very innocent: "A friend gave me a knife shaped lighter after he had business trip to Shanghai. From then I started to pay attention to special looking lighters". His favorite lighter? The one in shape of an anti-aircraft gun.

PS. It is worth to know that in many countries the sale of novelty lighters (that resemble objects that are particularly attractive to children) is prohibited (for instance in European countries, Australia, some of the USA states). 


Unknown said...

Money doesn't worth for his collection,,, I would like to visit him for once, will come to China someday for sure,, don't know my airport custom will let me bring as much as possible #Novelty #Lighters or not, but I'm gonna buy all..

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