Flamidor Lift Arm Table Lighter, 1935

This interesting lift arm table lighter marked "Unis France" was manufactured between 1935 and 1939 by J. Quercia (Flamidor) in (176, Rue St. Martin) Paris, France. Flamidor is one of the most famous and oldest lighter manufacturer in the world. The business was established by Janvier Quercia in 1890 in the Marais district of Paris. At the beginning Quercia was manufacturing cabinets and silverware. After 1906 the company markets the first Quercia lighter and since 1908 it manufacturers even more lighter models. In 1935 Marcel Quercia became the director of Flamidor which is the ancestor of the Flaminaire brand.

The semi-automatic wick table lighter was available in various finishes, mainly nickel plate over brass and covered with leather. Flamidor manufactured this lighter in two sizes - the shorter one is depicted. They were widely promoted in French magazines in 1935-1938 as "le briquet de bureau chic". It is also worth to mention that Unis France (Union Nationale Inter-Syndicale) was established in 1916 and was an organization promoting French products. The headquarters of Unis France was 41 Rue de Maubeuge, Paris, France. The organization was active till 1940.

Type: petrol (wick) lighter

Marked on the underside:

BREVETE S.G.D.G. (type of a French patent without state warranty)

BBR (bleu, blanc, rouge; colors of the French flag: blue, white, red)

Scarcity: uncommon–rare

Value for good–mint condition: $50–100.00 (approx €40–80.00)

Weight: 200 grams (7 1/8 oz)

  • height: 7.3 cm (2.9")
  • width: 8.7 cm (3.4")
  • depth: 3.7 cm  (1.4")


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