Advert: Ronson Kitchenette, Town & Country Set, 1959

This Ronson magazine advertisement was published in LIFE Magazine in 1959. Presented are several models of Ronson pocket:
  • Windlite – exclusive slotted "windshield" lifetime wick... removable base for simpler fueling; satin finish (model no. 34-51341-237) 
  • Sport – handsomely styled, ruggedly built, remarkably low priced; Tortoise Enamel (34-52679-417) Brigh Woven Mesh (model no. 34-51291-450) 
  • Venus – Feminine-styled ladies' purse lighter. Slender, streamlined, sophisticated 
  • Adonis – modern, sweeping lines. Slim as fine watch. Satin finish, engraved design (model no. 34-52752-597) and table/desk lighters:
    • Fantasy – elegant satin-white China, touched with gold (model no. 34-51085-1110)
    • Regal – swirl design, in gleaming copper (model no. 34-52828-990)
    • Queen Anne – Lustrous Silver Plate (model no. 34-52802-870)
    • Kitchenette – fine China, colorful Kitchen motif (model no. 34-52810-897)
    • Nordic Set – genuine black and gold marble Table Lighter and matching Cigarette Urn (model no. 34-52877-1110)
    • Town and Country Set –  Modern Glazed Ceramic Lighter and Matching Ash tray (model no. 34-52851-1290)


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